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All Decor - Faq
Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is modular kitchen?

A : Modular kitchen is a kitchen made up of small individual modules or units , which can be assembled to form a complete kitchen. For example , a standard average size modular kitchen will have the following modules or units :

Q : What are the advantages of a Modular kitchen?

A : As the kitchens made up of separate modules , it can be disassembled taken to another room or place and reassemble it. Further, one can start a modular kitchen by procuring only one unit and add other units as and when required.

Q : But all the modular kitchens which we see around, are fixed. ( not the openable type described above . )

A : Till now , in this region ,the concept of 'Re-assemble' modular kitchen has not gained popularity. Most of the modular kitchens are either fixed in flats or private residences , where the necessity for disassembling and refixing does not arise. In other areas , this is a popular practice , particularly in the METROS where many people have to to spend a considerable part of their life either in rented house or in allotted quarters

Q : Can we get such modules here? Can we start a kitchen by buying say one drawer unit and slowly add up other units as and when required.

A : Yes. We make such units. You can physically see it in our showroom.

Q : Can we make a modular kitchen below a RCC slab.

A : Yes. One can either make 'FULL STANDARD CABINS or ' PARTITION CABINETS '.

Q : What is a partition cabinet?

A : Partition cabinet is an economic version of the modular kitchens below the R.C.C. slab. As there is a slab, there is no necessity of making full cabinets to take the load of the granite/ marble top. So only vertical partitions are provided to fix the accessories ( drawers etc .), shutters etc. ( The horizontal shelves in the bottom and centre are optional). Top and back side panels are not provided.

Q : Is the partition kitchen 'INFERIOR' than the 'STANDARD FULL CABINET' kitchens

A : No. The look and functional use are same. The chances of insects etc penetrating the interiors are however more , if the workmanship is not proper. It depends on the skill of the workman / agency who makes the kitchen

Q : Are the modular kitchens 'COCKROACH ' proof.

A : Theoretically speaking, the answer is NO. For technical reason, there is a gap of approx 2 ( two ) mm between the cabinets and the shutters. But cockroaches cannot and do not enter through this gap. They enter the cabinets when the shutters are kept open for long time. They also enter through the sink opening and the annular gap between the sink drain pipe and the main outlet .The main drain pipe which goes to the drain is a most IDEAL breeding ground for the cockroach. It is dark , cold , moist.. A good modular kitchen making agency will seal all the outlets and explain the to the clients all the other probable entry points. By taking regular care& cleaning , the cockroach , if not eliminated totally , can be reduced to virtually negligible level.

Q : Do you use waterproof boards for making the cabinets?

A : No. As a standard practice we use 'Gatany' brand of commercial block boards, and laminate all the exposed surfaces of the cabinets where it might come into the contact of water. However if the client desires, we can use waterproof boards, at the cost of the client. Similarly , we laminate only the exposed surfaces of the cabinets which comes into the contact of water. However we can laminate all the surfaces at the cost of the client

Q : To save the bottom of the cabin from water , is it necessary to provide a cement pedestal below the kitchen cabinets ?

A : No. We provide a gap ( 100 mm in case of standard full cabin kitchens , and 50 mm or more in case of partition kitchen ) between the cabin and the floor.

Q : What are the materials required for making modular kitchens?

A : Basically three groups of materials are required. a) Cabin material b) Hardware & accessories & c) Shutters

Q : Could you elaborate?

A : Yes . For the cabin one need plywood/ blockboard , laminates , nails , adhesives etc.

Q : What are the hardwares and accessories?

A : Hinges , telescopic channels , handles , fixing screws etc are known as hardwares and the baskets , rotating trays , Single pull outs , bottle rakes , plate supports etc are known as accessories.

Q : And the shutters?

A : SHUTTER is the technical name of the door which covers the cabinet front.

Q : If the materials are purchased from market can I make my own kitchen?

A : Yes. Why not. But before making the kitchen you have to design your kitchen.

Q : What is there to be designed in a kitchen?

A : Designing the kitchen means detail planning to see that the available space is utilised in the best manner, to plan where what will be placed and of what size, whether the planning will reduce the exertions of the person who cooks etc.

Q : How much one has to pay for designing a kitchen?

A : The charges vary from man to man or company to company. We do it free of charge as a promotional measure.

Q : What happens if one gets the kitchen designed by you and get the job executed by another agency or make it by employing workers directly.

A : Nothing. If our price does not match the budget of the client, we loose the order. We do not reduce or compromise the quality (to reduce the price) to get the order.

Q : Can you tell us frankly , if there may be any other problems , in case I decide to make the kitchen by employing workers directly.

A : To locate really skilled persons ( with training and sufficient experience ) is a very difficult job. They also exploit your ignorance and overcharge. More important is , once the job is finished , and payment is made , the workers will vanish. If there is any deficiency in the workmanship, you will have to live with it. Further for tit bit maintenance jobs ( which will increase if left unattended ) you will have to run around searching for people. When order is placed with an agency , you are confident that , in case , there is any problem , the agency will be available to attend it.